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The hip hop like defined by American Heritage Dictionary is "Popular culture of the big city & especially city youth, and characterized by the graffiti art, rap music and break dancing or relating to the culture." Most of people characterize the hip hop news as just the rap music. They don’t actually know history and current influence that hip hop has in the youth culture and you see that rap music is an element of the hip hop. The true hip hop is not about music; it is the culture, way of life, language, fashion, set of values as well as unique perspective. The hip hop is the economy; it is an ability of taking inner city negative system of pushing, hustling, banging and pimpin, and turn this in the multi million, or even the billion dollar business. For hiphop news, visit, hiphopinformer.com now.

Thus, hip hop is all about the dance, expression, art, love, pain, sexism, racism, hard times, broken families, as well as overcoming adversity of celebrity news by mediatakeout.com daily. It is all about living out American dream from bottom up. It is all making something from nothing; about youth culture of the New York and urban cities across the world. With the culture comes the hip hop clothing, music and jewelry. Terminologies like: Breakin', Emceein', Graffiti, Deejayin, Street Fashion, Beatboxin, Street Entrepreneurialism and Street Knowledge, came in being. Somewhere the corporate America was involved & turned the Hip Hop in the multi-billion business train, which can’t get stopped in case, you tried very hard. It will not stop and it is very big and lots of people have the hands in a pot. The record companies are also making money they have made just by signing the street kids for putting together nursery rhymes with the slick metaphors & delivery. It is the simplest thing they will do at present.

Most of the youngsters opts for the mixtapes via DatPiff.com free mixtape chanels clothing & jewelry. The jewelry is the matter of sign of the wealth and prestige for many people. Hottest stars & athletes find this very interesting to wear this jewelry. Jewelry is worn by men that don’t give any kind of importance to the jewelry or other style accessories. Signing the Rock group needs you have the group of women or men who will play and sing instruments well. The pop stars need to dance, sing, and have the lovable public face and cannot work & Country singers need to play the instruments as well and complete with the loyal fans on the earth. The African Americans always are gifted over board while it comes about entertainment. I do not care in case, you are talking of the dancing, sports, fine arts and anything that you wish to put in a mix. Why did they begin hip hop is just to survive. Listening to the new mixtape news releases can make you know there are a lot of small tie artists who needs to be known little more.

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